Dive Comedy at Freddy's Back Room

Dive Comedy is a free, bi-weekly live comedy and music show that happens on 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month at 9pm. It's hosted by Giulia Rozzi &
Brooke Van Poppelen at Freddy's Back Room

My Peeps!

Brooke Van Poppelen (BVP) and her dad Mark Van Poppelen (MVP) are blogging together. AT LAST. Follow them if you ever wondered what a retired cop and his comic daughter are thinking!




I love springtime.  It has become my new favorite season especially after the incredibly harsh winter we just endured.  It’s a season that is all about renewal and rebirth, new beginnings and promise. And Peeps. Ah yes, those marshmallow marvels that are made of corn syrup, gelatin, sugar, and dye. Nothing screams spring like Peeps.  

Peeps have been around since the early 1950’s, a product of the Just Born Candy Company.  I remember them as an Easter basket staple, situated among the fake green grass and chocolate eggs. Yellow or pink.  Those were the only colors available back then and they came only in the shape of baby chicks.  In 2014 you can now buy Peeps year around.   There are Christmas Peeps, Halloween Peeps, chocolate and strawberry Peeps, Peeps lip balm for gosh sakes.  But I am a Peeps purist. No lavender. No blue. No bunnies.  I still buy a half dozen every year and eat maybe three of them.  My tastes have changed over the years but not my affection for these iconic treats. I cherish them with a certain amount of reverence. Even when I’m blowing them up in the microwave.

My kids fondly remember to this very day that life changing moment when I taught them to blow up their first peeps. 


They were probably seven and four respectively and this scientific “experiment” was conducted in a microwave that was approximately the same size as our 27” Zenith. And of course this was done while their mother was at work. 

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Don’t Passover This Installment of Dive Comedy at Freddy’s 4/14/14!

Hello Jew and Gentile Friends!

Monday is Passover AND Dive Comedy!!! Could it get any better than Gefilte fish and Brooke and Giulia finally back under the same roof hosting their show together?? We think not!

To celebrate, we’ve curated quite the spectacular line-up for you all to enjoy featuring comics seen on Broad City, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Comedy Central Half Hour, vh1 and so much more!

Arrive by 9pm to grab a seat and a drink! We are so excited to be together and bring you an effing awesome show!

SHENG WANG (Comedy Central Half Hour, Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon)

PHOEBE ROBINSON (Broad City, Last Comic Standing)

ADAM MAMAWALA  ( MTV’s Girl Code, The Stand Comedy Club)

MATT DONAHER (Comedy Central “Comic To Watch”, “Explosion Bus”)

MIGUEL DALMAU  (AXS TV “Gotham Comedy Live”, truTV)


Brooke and Giulia!!

Dive Comedy March 24th at Freddy’s Back Room

This week’s Dive Comedy is so terrific it’ll make you forget that you’re still wearing a goose down jacket in “spring.” Uggggggggh. But let’s not focus on how our seasonal affective disorder, instead let’s focus on dis order of hot comics! (Zing?)

Greg Johnson


Sachi Ezura


Giulio Gallerotti


Matt Ruby


Chris Lamberth

Music by Shockwave


And your hosts Giulia Rozzi and guest co-host Christi Chiello (Brooke is out of town, hence the crying)



Dive Comedy March 10th Installment at Freddy’s Back Room

This March installment of Dive Comedy at Freddy’s Back Room is NUTS! You’d be INSANE to miss it because it’s CRAZY good. I AM TRYING SO HARD NOT TO MAKE A MARCH MADNESS REFERENCE. FAILING.

But for real, you should come see this amazing group of performers seen on Comedy Central, The Tonight Show, MTV, The Late Late Show, vh1 and more!

Arrive by 9pm to get a seat!

Jeffrey Joseph

Sam Grittner

Kara Klenk

Jay Welch

Jade Catta-Preta

Jim Tews

Musical Guests: Casey Jost and Jay Miller

Hosted by BVP

Dive Comedy Gets Classy on 2/24/14

Hi friends!

Brush off your formal attire, clean your monocle and top hat and join us for a very sophisticated evening of Dive Comedy this Monday at 9pm. Did Brooke and Giulia strike it rich you ask?? Well, no. You see, classy is a state of mind … and also we booked amazing musician Matt Socich! So exciting! So classy!

We are also hosting some CLASS ACT comedians — see what we did there? Come on out and enjoy the comedy stylings of the very funny HARRISON GREENBAUM, SHARRON PAUL, MICHAEL JOYCE, PAUL HOOPER and special guest host SETH COCKFIELD plus some awesome SURPRISE GUESTS!

Arrive by 9pm to get a seat and sorry you classy folks, Freddy’s Bar still does not do bottle service. :(















MYSTERY GUESTS ( Also Giulia — since she’s in Boston or LA —hard to keep track)

DIVE COMEDY 2/10/14 Edition!

Hello and greetings to you all. Fun Fact: Did you know the “F” in February stands for “F This”? Yeah. We pretty much got snowed in since we saw you last but we are excited to melt those winter blues away with an extra special, extra funny line-up and great music! 

We are featuring the genius of ALEX KOLL, LISA DELARIOS, DAN SHAKI, BRAD AUSTIN and MATTEO LANE with musical guest JUSTIN KILBURN!

Arrive by 9pm to get a seat since they are a hot commodity these days.

ALEX KOLL (Conan, Comedy Central)

LISA DELARIOS (Comedy Central, The Party Machine)

DAN SHAKI (XM Radio, Carolines on Broadway)

BRAD AUSTIN ( Comedy at Beauty Bar, @Brad2Sexy )

MATTEO LANE (NY Comedy Festival, Carolines on Broadway)


new flyer by Phil Provencio!!